Rock Chevrolet is the Antioch Chevy Dealer of Choice

Rock Chevrolet is here to help Chicago-area car buyers get the best deals possible for their new or used Chevy. Whether you’re in Chicago, Antioch, Fox Lake, or Waukegan, Rock Chevrolet will ensure your car buying experience is the best it can be!


Their professional sales staff knows purchasing a car is an important decision. They’ll make certain you have all of the information you need and will answer all of your questions, so you can make an informed buying decision on your next car purchase. This superior commitment to customer service is why Rock Chevrolet is the Chevy dealer of choice for car buyers in Chicago, Antioch, Fox Lake, and Waukegan. They are the Antioch Chevy Dealer of choice.


Rock Chevrolet also has a large inventory of the most popular Chevys on the market. From the head-turning Chevy Camaro to the heavy-duty Chevy Silverado, Rock Chevrolet has the perfect car for you. In addition to a wide selection of new Chevys, Rock Chevrolet also has one of the largest pre-owned inventories in the Chicago, Antioch, Fox Lake, and Waukegan area. These late-model, low-mileage cars, trucks and SUVs are hand picked for their value and quality.


Once you’ve selected the car that’s right for your family, the Rock Chevrolet finance professionals will help you secure the financing you need to fit your budget. Whether you’re thinking of a traditional auto loan or leasing your new car, Rock Chevrolet will explain the differences and the benefits of each of your financing options. Even if your credit is less than perfect, Rock Chevrolet can help.


At Rock Chevrolet, they know that sometimes car buyers have had financial challenges in their past. However, Rock Chevrolet can help you get the financing you need, to begin to rebuild your credit. They have relationships with a wide variety of automotive financing companies, including those that specialize in credit challenges, so Rock Chevrolet can help! For those with good credit, you’ll find the lowest interest rates and best terms possible, including special manufacturer financing incentive programs you just won’t want to miss! Whether you have perfect credit, good credit, poor credit, or no credit, they have the financing solution just right for you.


Once you’ve purchased your new or pre-owned vehicle, Rock Chevrolet is the best place to take your vehicle to be serviced. Their state-of-the-art service facility has the equipment to make sure your car is serviced correctly the very first time. Plus, their large parts inventory means you won’t have to wait for parts to be ordered, and your car will be back on the road in no time. The factory-trained technicians at Rock Chevrolet can help you whether you just need routine maintenance, to keep your car running in tip-top shape, or a major repair. With this high level of service, it’s no wonder car owners come from Chicago, Antioch, Fox Lake, and Waukegan to get their car serviced at Rock Chevrolet.



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Repairing Bad Credit Through Internet Car Loan Applications

Having bad car credit can make internet car loan applications seem daunting, but putting off applying for credit after a huge credit mistake can actually harm you more then jumping back into the fray.  Repairing that credit mistake means proving that you learned your lesson and can manage your finances better then you could before.  For many people the car loan is the tool that helps them prove this.  If you have a credit score below 700 then you need to apply for “bad credit” car loans in order to get approved.

Your first step in this process should be researching online companies to locate one or two that you feel secure with. Check their references carefully to avoid being ripped off before you apply.  Once you have verified the company make sure the offer to apply is free and no obligation.  This way you can shop several companies to secure the best deal. A bonus factor to look for would be a fast, secure application process that only takes a minute or two to complete, and an encrypted website that will ensure your provided data is safe.  You do not want to have your identity stolen so be careful.

Most bad credit labeled car loans are approved for 10 to 12 thousand dollars.  You will want to budget your car purchase in this range, even if that means buying a used vehicle or going with a budget car. Those companies who deal with this type of loan often provide shopping tips to help you find a car in your budget also, so take advantage of this information to help you shop for a car after you secure your loan. Finding a company that focuses on these types of loans will ensure that you get the best service and deal for your money, not to mention help repair your credit. You will likely have to come up with a down payment and will pay a higher interest rate, but in the converse side once the loan is paid back your credit should be mostly repaired.

You will need supporting documentation for the loan, things like your paystubs, ID card/license, and utility bills will be asked for to secure who you are, how much you earn, and where you live. Some lenders will ask for bank statements, auto insurance policy forms and/or references.  It might be required that you have a checking account or a debit card account in order to secure the loan. If you need a vehicle, the first step is actually in the applying for a car loan. Bad car credit loans are typically high interest, however, paying a few years on a high interest loan may be enough to raise your credit score to allow you to refinance with other internet car loan applications in the future, after your credit is repaired.

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Requirements for Online Credit Applications for Car Loans

Getting a new or used car from a dealership can be a harrowing experience, particularly if you have not secured a loan for it before you go shopping.  Being at the mercy of the company’s credit department, no matter how good your credit score is, might not be the best thing for your sanity.  You can avoid all that hassle by applying for a loan with anonline credit application, and select from several car loans to ensure that you have the best rate and fit for your new vehicle.

What are the requirements for securing a loan of this type online, though?  You will need to have a minimum income per month, typically the best rates are offered for those who gross more then 2000 dollars a month, but requirements do vary by lender.    Many services offer free applications with no obligation, but do remember that every single one lowers your credit score further so make a wise choice before you apply and research carefully.  Look for a service that will process your application once and send it to a bunch of lenders to shop around for you so that you only have your credit score looked at one time to reduce the hit of filing an application with a bunch of lenders. Many online application takers have hundreds of lenders they work with to get the best selection of offers approved for you.

You might only spend a minute filling out the average online credit application but be aware that that you will have to prove that you have not had a car repossessed in the last year, although a few will allow repossessions when connected to a bankruptcy. It is important then to denote if you have been through a bankruptcy and that it is fully discharged in order to clarify if your repossessions are connected to it by court order.  You will also need to verify that you do not have a private party car loan currently being repaid. Some car lenders will ask about motorcycle financing and deny if you have it active, so keep that in mind also.

One final thing to keep in mind is that many dealers of car loans will ask about legal residency for the country that they deal with.  If they are United States based companies then they will want legal US residency, for example. Along with that they will verify your age at 18 or older and ask about employment status.  Some will demand full time work, others will just ask about income level.  And of course, your current address is vital, so you may be asked to submit proof of long term location by way of an energy bill or similar. Keeping these requirements in mind when you apply for an automobile loan can help you find the best rates for your situation.

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